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Does the LS1 leak as much as the LT1's???

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My dad has 4 LT1 Powered cars (roadmasters, caddy.....)
They all seem to leak (a little). I know 350's have always been known to leak a little from the rear mains, and other various areas. Our LT1's all leak from the area of the rear main, and all leak some Power steering fluid. (I never really looked where the leaks were EXACTELY, so don't quote me on their exact location). Our LT1's range from 52-110,000 miles.

I am just wondering if those of you who have LS1's with like 50-80,000 miles on them are seeing the common slow leaks. I know they really don't hurt anything, but they really make my garage UGLY! I HATE constantely having to lay down cardboard. Just curious if they leak????????
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DevilYellow said:
Nope .....

CMNT can explain more why they dont.

SWEET, I knew you guys would know! :D

I kinda figured CMNT would have input here with his experiences with his Z28. :)
Not a drop if you keep it filled to factory levels! I run about a quart (maybe slightly more due to a high rpm oil return problem that LS1's have and mine is just wet back there (no leaking). You won't experience this problem unless you run it upwords of 6,500 - 7,000 rpm

They have vastly improved mains and seals. Gaskets are a much more reliable and reusable neoprene rubber (not the old fashioned style) and seal much better. Each end of the motor has a cover on it that the crank goes through with the seals in it which makes a major difference

The only time you'll experience leaks is if you take the front timing cover off (to change the cam or timing chain). You need a special tool to properly align it. If you don't it'll leak like a bitch.

I'll see if I can find pics of these covers.
Here is the rear main cover.
Here is the front main/timing cover.
I'm a GM tech and agree with cmnt.
I've fixed maybe three oil leaks on LS1's since they came out in the f-bodies in 98. And 2 of those were ones that were taking a part to install a cam. Like cmnt said the front cover, rear cover, and oil pan have to be aligned properly with the special tools. The all aluminum engine makes a great base for sealing. The aluminum has no flex like steel. That combined with the neoprene rubber embedded in metal strips. The LT1's main leak was the intake gaskets. Or mostly the sealer at the front and rear of the intake. The LS1 intakes have no oil or coolant to them.
CMNT-- Thanks for all the great info. I kinda figured You'd know. I'm glad to hear that the LS1 is not still "Old School" like the LT1 was.
I know its a great engine, but after a few years of oil dripping constantely you get rather Irritated!
No problem! :)
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