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I have to go pick up a hood. Going to remove my stock hood and drive hoodless. Then instal 2nd hood and drive back.

i have an X-Air intake. Will i need to strap it down ?
What other concerns ?
I did this one time when I swapped out my 05 for an 04. The hood I wanted was in NI and I was at the top of MN at the time. Rain was in the forecast.
I actually got some steel fence posts, bent them between 2 trees to get a cured shape.
I then cut to fit (I was working in hangar at the time) and drilled holes to match and bolt on with the fender bolts.
2 of those, then stretched a tarp over the hood. Bolted that down with the rest of the front quarter panel bolts.
Sealed all the edges up with speed tape.
Drove 1,400 miles with no problems.
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