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My first driving impressions are listed HERE

I installed the Drummond suspension the same week I added a cam which took power from 537rwhp to 585rwhp and I also added the KAAZ that week.

I have lived with it for about 2 weeks now. This last Sunday I was, for the first time, able to take the car out and drive the crap out of it on a nice piece of twisty roadway with some good straights in between.

The Drummonds are still sitting as installed. Coilovers and shocks are sitting on mid rebound/compression setting. There are 30 clicks available up front and 20 clicks on the rear shocks. Ride height is just a smidge below stock. Camber is set very mild for tire wear, but I still have a little for handling.

Keep in mind I do have most but not all Pedders bushing. Cross member, rear camber, diff, Radius Rod, sways etc. Also have Hotchkis sway bars.

The Drummonds just seem to do everything VERY WELL. They provide SUPERB handling characteristics with an almost unbelievable ride quality on a car this taught (much more taught than with my previous setup). It is for me the combination I was looking for.

The car is stiff much stiffer than my previous setup, yet when the road quality takes a dive the suspension can just soak it up without discomfort to the passenger. Things I would slow down for, I can just drive across at speed without any protest from the car. (Note: most recently had the 1in drop Pedders springs, prior I had the OE height springs and they were MUCH closer to the comfort of the Drummonds)

Transitions left, right, left, right very quickly, are race car like and the car stays very settled. The suspension has an extreme ability to track the road surface without getting out of sorts. I was driving quite fast with triple digits between corners, entering turns that had rough surfaces and the suspension stayed pinned to the ground and never lost traction or was ever upset by the road surface.

It is difficult for me to convey everything, suffice it to say that I was looking for a system that would provide superior handling and great ride quality. Generally those two items are exclusive and you don't get them both. In this case I believe I have found a system that gets me as close to that as I am likely to find for this car. I am extremely happy with my choice and I have not even used any of the adjustments yet. More to follow when I get some track time.

For those of you who would like to see what they are like firsthand come on by. I am willing to let you drive the car in normal fashion. The car is getting to be a handful now because of the power so if you want the E-ticket ride I will drive but if you want to sample in town driving and normal freeway driving my offer is open to all that want to come by.

Everyone knows I had Pedders setup on my car. I want to say that I have great respect for the Pedders equipment/service, still have much of it on my car, even used the Pedders strut bushing and HD bearings to mount the Drummond coilovers. Pedders stuff was problem free and did a great job for me. In this case you get what you pay for... if you want more, the more that the Drummond provides, which is a lot.. you pay a premium for it.

Bottomline.... very happy with my choice.

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Nice write up. I am really considering these for the fronts on my car. But they are just a tad expensive for me at this point with everything else going on.

Glad you like them!

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1st Goat, I Have One Question. Please Be As Honest As You Can.... I Will Be Getting The Pedders 3/8 Front Drop Spring And Rear 1/2 Drop With The Gsr Struts.

How Much Better Do You Think The Car Tracks With Your Set-up? Is It On A Different Planet Or Within Comparo.... Keep In Mind I Will Probably Get Some Better Dampening Response And Tire Patch Through The Noltec Strut Bushings, Which Are Not Soft Like The Pedders Deal.

Your Car Sounds Like A beast! I Would Really Love To Stop By For A Ride. We Can Then Try To Compare Suspensions (yeah Right).

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Very good. I just ordered a whole bunch of bushings for the car to start my suspension revamp and these are definitely what I'm getting for coilovers.

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1stGOAT said:
the car is getting to be a handful now
I just squirted beer out of my nose, all over my shirt and keyboard. Yeah, a bit of a handful.

You hit the key Sunday afternoon and the motor said "FWOP"

and then silence. I was like, whoa, he is going to have to hit the key again. And I looked at you and you were all cool,

and the motor said, POW! BLAT!

and then silence. And I looked at your brother standing there on the driveway beside the car and he was all grinning, and I looked back at you and you were all cool and the motor said

"BLAM! BLAM! Togga Togga Togga Togga"

And I thought to myself "this is a very big camshaft."

Keep the understatement coming, it is appreciated, at least by those of us who know better.
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