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Dual assault at Road Atlanta Sept 27 - 30

Got this in my EMail Yesterday.............

Autosport Development launches fierce dual assault at Road Atlanta in quest to capture podium

Trenton, MI – September 6, 2006 – Just when you thought the SPEED World Challenge GT Series couldn’t get any more exciting, or perhaps, more predictable – you just know who’s got the championship in the bag – a new drama unfolds.

“We’re back!” says Autosport Development team owner David Moxlow.

Ready to shake things up and wage an intense, heart-pounding, all-or-nothing battle for the finish,
Autosport Development’s unleashing a two-front GTO assault in round nine of the SWC series at Road

Launching a full-throttle campaign to capture a podium finish, the team has called out the heavy artillery - a seasoned veteran and fearless rookie - to pilot their two Pontiac powerhouses to victory.

Will this privateer’s fierce dual GTO effort be enough to wreak havoc on track and earn them a spot - or two - on the podium? Will this Motor City muscle rock the status quo and throw a wrench in the current points standing?

Veteran team driver Stu Hayner makes his second SWC appearance of the season behind the wheel of the Autosport Development No. 21 Trenton Forging Pontiac GTO. At Mid-Ohio, Stu executed an amazing charge from 20th and landed a respectable ninth place finish without ever having the opportunity to test the car.

Last year, only two years into the GTO’s development, Stu consistently ran in the top 10 from midseason on. With three top five finishes, Stu ran nose-to-tail with the Cadillacs, Porsches, Corvettes and Vipers – cars that have all been developed by the manufacturers over many years and at considerable expense.

Stu hasn’t been sitting idly on the sidelines waiting for the action, either. He’s kept his competitive edge
razor-sharp driving for Stealth Racing in the Grand Am Cup.

Will a hot, powerful car and sharp, determined driver hungry for victory be too much for the competition to contend with?

Rookie driver Dane Moxlow mans the ****pit of the Autosport Development No. 20 Trenton Forging Pontiac GTO. Making his professional SWC driving debut, the University of Tennessee freshman just turned 18 in July and is the son of team owners David and Renee.

Still savoring a recent SCCA club event win the first time driving the GTO, Dane’s unsure of what to expect at this race. Excited yet nervous, he eagerly anticipates his professional racing debut at Road

“It's quite a large jump for me,” says Dane, “but I will try my best and hope for a great outcome.”

What advantage does he have over the experienced, veteran drivers?

“Most young drivers tend to be ‘fearless' or as most people would say 'stupid'. This could work for or
against me.”

Could raw, unbridled talent and rookie fearlessness be the weapon behind the wheel Autosport Development needs to stake its claim on the podium?

Lack of funding prevented Autosport Development from participating in the full SWC schedule, but special projects have kept the team busy.

“We always have so many ‘irons in the fire’ that we get spread pretty thin sometimes,” says David. “We’re involved in a lot of very cool projects right now. In July, we spent five days in the UK touring several car manufacturers and are putting together a few interesting deals.”

Autosport Development’s priority is racing, and the team is thrilled to be back on track at Road Atlanta.
According to David, timing made this race possible.

“We’re just now completing the upgrades to the second GTO so it will be ready in time for Road Atlanta.
Since Dane got the chance this summer to test the GTO, we thought it would be fun to put together a two-car effort for him and Stu.

“This race will also determine whether we have what it takes to run a full season next year and go for the championship,” adds David.
“With Dane attending UT in Knoxville, it kind of makes Road Atlanta his new home track!”

What can fans and competitors expect Autosport Development to deliver in round nine?

“We always show up ready to have fun, “ says David, “so you can expect more fun from the AD team!”

Will the cars be competitive?

“Once again, we’ll be the most competitive GTOs in the field!”

For Autosport Development, the most exciting aspect of this race is: “Getting Dane and Stu on track together and seeing what shakes out. We just may surprise everyone!”

Autosport Development competes in the SPEED World Challenge GT Series recently named “the most
competitive road racing series in the world” by Racer magazine. In 2005, driver Stu Hayner finished the
season seventh in points, a huge feat considering the team had no factory support from any major automotive manufacturers. As the first team to develop GTO road racers, Autosport Development’s expertise is in demand by other teams now fielding these cars. The race shop is also involved in prototype and racecar development, preparation, fabrication, assembly, carbon fiber work
as well as automotive manufacturing. For more information, visit
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