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Heintz Racing
FTI Converters
Hunters Performance Solutions
Lonnies Performance
Vengeance Racing XLTx5
Darlington Dragway
RPM Transmissions XL,L,L
West Coast Speed

The date: November 12th 2011
The time: Gates open at 9a.m. Racing starts at 10a.m.
The place: Darlington Dragway, Hartsville, SC ( )
The cost: (payment instruction below) $50 after October 1st for car and driver which includes a free Eastcoast Shootout T-shirt and lunch at the track! $10 for spectators which will be payed for at the track. Please DO NOT send payment for spectators

The East Coast IRS Shootout includes all LS based IRS cars.
04-06 GTO
98-present Corvette
10-present Camaro
All G8's
All CTS-V's

This event will determine the king of GM IRS as well as the king of each model for our region. The fastest car is not always the winner and thus the reason for crowning a winner. Track days are all about having fun and that is the goal for this event. If you have never been to the track this is the perfect time to come. Bring the family and your car and get ready to have a great time. Who knows you might just take home a nice trophy or a great prize. The worst case senario is that you will meet some great people and take home a cool t-shirt.

Payment Instructions- To make a payment using Paypal, log on to the Paypal site and send your payment of $50 to username [email protected]. Please note your name and screename, model of car, shirt size, and an emergency contact when you make a payment. If you would like to mail your payment, send a check or money order for $50 to

Travis Wester
6 Strawberry Ln.
Clyde, NC 28721

Once you make your payment your name will be added to the signup list and you're in!

I know there were a couple of things that needed to be addressed from last year including the concession stand fiasco. That will be a focus for the track and I to improve on. If you have any concerns, I urge you to send me a PM so that I can try to make things better this year. Any Questions?

8 second club
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1. T-bones Goat (paid) XL, S pink, YM
2. Moonshiner (T-shirt contest winner Paid) XL
3. LS2 Goat (paid) 2XL, M
4. (paid) M
5. jmd (paid) 3XL
6. ZOOMballs (paid) XL
7. kjhallex (paid) M, YL pink
8. Brian's Goat (paid) XL, L pink
9. BBGTO (paid x2) M, M, S pink
10. JoeyD (paid) 2XL
11. Ironmancan (paid) M
12. 2004humbler (paid) XL
13. Jonathan8751
14. Noyz1 (paid)2XL, XL pink, S
15. Vengeance Racing (paid)
16. LaTechGTO (paid) XL, L, L
17. GTO1_OHIO (paid) L
18. Silver Goat I
19. Bdalegto (paid) XL, M
20. GOATPUP (paid) L
21. adamcs (paid) M
22. Gassy Goat (paid) L
23. thelawnmoerman (paid)M
24. 6PntHo (paid) XL
25. hardcore (paid) XL
26. Ddixon (paid) 2XL
27. Paco loco (paid) XL
28. Gear artist (paid) 2XL
29. Plumcrazy1 (paid) XL, XL, L pink
30. Goatbfast (paid) XL
31. 65GTOfan (paid) 2XL
32. joe in Charleston (paid) L
33. 418GTO (paid) L, M
34. tistan (paid) L
35. BRZGTO/06 (paid) L
36. 82shark (paid) 2XL
37. 05redtomcat (paid) 2XL
38. well known (paid) 2XL
39. Miker (paid) L

1. PadreGTO (paid) L
2. Hunter's Performance Solutions (paid)
3. Hendrix-Engineering (paid)
4. Jchaluja
5. Rockit_z28 (paid)XL, L pink, YM
6. jrpxxii (paid)
7. HufferSS (paid) 2XL
8. [email protected] (paid) 2XL
9. Se7en

1. simpleGTO (paid) 2XL
2. Hunter's Performance Solutions
3. Hunter's Performance Solutions
4. Vengeance Racing
5. racerrob333
6. redvette1077 (paid) L
7. JeremiahsC5 (paid) 2XL
8. JS23881 (paid) XXL
9. Quick 06 (paid) L
10. MayDay121 (paid) L
11. ruquik (paid)2XL
12. 1swtride (paid) L
13. RPM Transmissions (paid)
14. dhouston02 (paid) XL

1. MGM GT (paid) XL
2. BigV8 (paid) XL
3. Dave Ga
4. G8-4-Speed (paid) M
6. Daniel Burnette (paid) L
7. wreckwriter (paid) L
8. born2fly (paid) XXL
9. 2StepsAhead

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In. :D

8 second club
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Payment sent, I will post this up on our local forum also! Medium shirt and a kids small forgot that part lol
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