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Engine parts?

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Will all the current LS1 engine parts that Summit Racing and Jegs sell work on the GTO?
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I wouldnt buy from them tho. Alot of supporting vendors here have done alot of testing with cams and heads and can build anything from a 346 to a 427+ as cost effective as an LS1 can be. A 224/581 cam with some Stage 2 custom ported AFR heads... the new 90mm LSX intake and full headers without cats on a m6 GTO it should hit 440RWHP and more with a bigger cam.
I'm just looking for the basics. Throttle body, CAI, 180 thermostat, and any thing minor that will boost HP.

I dont want to do any major engine work. Cam, heads, headers.....
Throttle body isn't REALLY worth it. The new MTI one that is mentioned in the sponsors section is nice but wont gain allot of HP, it looks nice though.

I'm sure everyone will come out with really nice intakes, for now 2 of our vendors have ones from Australia available now. I think one sale is posted on the board somewhere.

I wouldn't bother with a 180* t-stat, Hypertech has a nice 160 that everyone goes to.... without re-setting the fan activation temps it will not matter honestly. Even in winter having a 160 t-stat should keep the motor running in the high 170's.

You can also buy those types of things from those vendors who completely support the LS1 community that Devil mentioned. Most will get to know you personally and treat you as such. They will price meet ANY of those big guys and you get much more personalized service.

I have not ordered from Summit or Jegs since 1996 or so as I support our community first.
I agree, the sponsors on here are much more knowledgable of the LS-1 than anyone at Summit or Jegs. They deal into many differnt manufactures to be a specialist in one area like our sponsors are.
We're working on a induction right now, I'm just not convinced on the quality of intakes currently available. What I can tell you is a catback should work really well on these things, I should have dyno results next week :)

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