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Engine Temp Warning

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This morning I was sitting in stop and go traffic, no longer than I usually am, all of a sudden I hear a chime. I look down and "Engine Too Hot" flast across the dash, I looked at the temp gauge and it read normal pretty much in the center, then suddenly the gauge started moving to the first red line, and dropped right back down to normal. So I stopped and popped the hood and the engine wasn't any hotter than normal operating temps. My question to you guys is has anyone else experienced this?? Just to be safe I scheduled a service appointment with the dealer.
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When I had my 04 it did the exact same thing you are describing one time. I knew it wasnt hot because I just pulled it out of the garage dead cold. It never happened again.
Seems this has been an issue w/some of the 04s, false overtemp a search, I can't recall the fix.
It happened to me once, I wouldn't worry about it unless it happened again.
That's happaned to me a few times. I had it reflashed soon after I bought the car. Kept happening and had it reflashed about a month ago. The next day, it did it again.
Oh okay thanks guys, I just wanted to be safe, at the moment this is my only car and I do alot of driving for work.
T-stat could've gotten hung up, then snapped open.
This just happened to me today

Car sat for 2 1/2 hrs, I start it up, i get on the cell phone so i sit idling for about 5 min. I then notice the cooling fans come on but not thinking much. I pull out of the lot & suddenly I get the "overtemp" across the screen & the gauge goes to red. I immediately pull over to see what's up. Shame on me for never checking the coolent tank so I'm sitting there looking for the coolent tank.
I touch the upper hose & it's not hot at all. I found it & pulled the coolent dipstick out.. All i saw was brown sediment on the dipstick with no level present.. I get back in look for the nearest place to get Dextron.. No luck so I buy a gallon of water to atleast get something in there. I fill it & it's already overflowing ?? What gives? I start her up & have about a 6mi ride home with no problems.. I think this was a case of a sticking thermostat.. Any advice here.. Car had only 11k on it but should I flush the Dextron & get a new Therm??
i had the "over temp" warning happen once for no reason. it was last year and has never happened before or since
I have had that warning a handful of times on my 04 since i purchased it new. It is just some glitch somewhere.
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