Ok, i'm going to try this again--after fixing this stupid thing 3 times already.

This glovebox has been "refurbished" by yours truly. quoties intentional.

It has a "new old stock" (although not exactly mint, has small blemishes from long term storage and being banged around a few times i imagine) rear panel, with the flocking that's still in very good shape. The mounting tabs are actually in GOOD condition. Has the newer style replacement bumpers.

the outer panel is in good shape. Alcantara is clean, not faded from what I can tell, and there's no apparent scuffs or damage. It is still used, though, so i'm sure the buyer will find something that I did not catch. The plastic upper part has been refinished with SEM flexible black, and doesn't look bad at all. From some angles you can still see a scuffed area on the right edge, but the camera couldn't catch it. There are also scuffs on the inside edge, but you'll never see it installed in the car.

Not a bad part, and TBH i'm probably losing money now selling it after having fixed it, but i hope someone out there will appreciate it.

There will be more detailed pictures in the posts below.

$80 + shipping OBO