After 17 years of owning a GTO, I am finally saying goodbye to mine. So, as part of that goodbye, it is also time to say goodbye to the stuff I have accumulated. My sadness could be your gain, if you happen to be close enough to me. I am giving this stuff away just to gain the space in the garage for the CTS-V I bring home tomorrow.

Pics below, but here is what I am parting with:
  • Full set of front and rear seats from a wrecked Cosmos Purple GTO. Seats have all the problems of GTO leather seats with splits and tears in the normal places. I was hoping to salvage some leather and repair my GTO, but never got to do it. Also has front seat tracks/motors.
  • Upper rear driver seat cover (Cosmos). Leather is starting to split on the top seam, but may yet be salvageable with a restitch.
  • Cosmos passenger side mirror. Mirror is cracked.
  • Phantom Black gas cap - Seal dry rotting and needs replaced.
  • Set of re-manufactured door handles. Black plastic and would require scuff and shoot.
  • Two stock radios. Both work, just haven't used in years.
  • Steering wheel with controls. This has red stitching.
  • Set of 05 Brake pads (Duralast)
  • Set of Pedders Strut Mount Bearings
  • NIB Stock wheel Center Cap
  • Timken Rear Wheel Bearing
  • Set of bushings (Whiteline) and mounting hardware. (From Rear Subframe Bushing upgrade)
  • Set of stock Struts. If anyone out there is look for a set to convert to Konis, otherwise these are good scrap metal.

You might have also noticed the set of Catera door handles in the pics. Depending on how the rest of the stuff goes, those might with all the remaining stuff or up for sale.

I will be on the road all day tomorrow, 4 hours each direction to pick up the Caddie, so it will be tomorrow evening soonest before I can respond. If you're close by and what the stuff, let me know. The seats will get in the way quickly, so they will be gone in the next couple days one way or another. The other stuff is small enough and can stay stored a while longer.