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Hey Guys!

Jen (1hotgoat) has been kind enough to take over the reins for the Bellagio Sunday morning brunch.

It is set for Oct 5th at 11am, but please arrive at 10:30am so we can get parked, organized and seated. See below for more details.

Jen is going to show up at 10am to get everything set up and we need a final head count. They are going to pull more staff on that day just for us, so please...
BE THERE AT 10:30AM!!!

There are two options for that morning which are listed below.

Champagne Brunch is $37

Brunch is $31

This price includes tax and the auto gratuity (because of our group size).

Thanks and see you soon!!!!

GR08 :wiggle:

List so far:

  1. LS2Greg +1
  2. bjs06gto +1
  3. 1hotgoat
  4. 1stSgtUSMC +2
  5. 04BlackPlague +1
  6. erik619 +1
  7. Kingf108
  8. seagreen
  9. BlkGoatLV +3
  10. silver_surfer +1
  11. pgh_n8v +1
  12. socal gto +1
  13. SugarNSpice
  14. Flash99 +1
  15. ls2weber
  16. CoolAid
  17. CALNURS +1
  18. S.F. Goat
  19. Landonious Rex
  20. ponyklr
  21. TMorgan800 +1
  22. dagoat6litre +1
  23. Amy + Caleb
  24. myfirstgoat +1
  25. weedgoat +1
  26. +1

Thanks again Jen for setting this all up. Here is some info C/O 1hotgoat:

Everything is set up for the brunch. We need payment by Friday night, Saterday morning at the cruise at the latest. You need to know if you want the Champange brunch or regular brunch on friday. The regular brunch is $31.00 and the Champange is $37.00.

Parking is also being takin care of by the Bellagio Security. I will have all the details for that by Friday and will let ya'all know when you get here. If you come to the Show'n'Shine on Friday, make sure to check in with me so I know who you are and can get payment. I should be at or around me car most of the time. You can't miss her, she has huge yellow trasformers stickers on her!!

Thank you guys SO much! We have 60 people and unfortunatly we can not add anymore to our tables. You can still come if you did not sign up, there is just no garentee that you would be sitting with us/near us. If someone does not show up then you are more then welcome to take there spot.

See ya'all on Friday!!


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3 for just Brunch.

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One for champagne brunch.

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Me, Jen, Twin and O-Dizzle.

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2 for brunch.

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count me in +1 for the champagne brunch please

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I'm in, not sure who I'm going to bring that weekend. So many options. :) Put me down for 2, no champagne though, :)

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Count me in for 2
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