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I’ve put about 300 city/highway miles on the goat since the Magnacharger install and all I can say is that it’s a different car. The power band is always there whenever you need it, even in the higher gears. You can hear a little belt and pulley noise at idle (sounds sort of like a loud bearing on an idler pulley) with the windows rolled up but goes away completely once there is some road noise. With moderate acceleration the whine becomes very noticeable and gets very noticeable (obviously) at WOT. As a matter of fact, the whine downs out my stock exhaust – something I will be working on.

This is the good part – coming home from work, minding my own business on a three lane road, when this Z28 with drags and very loud pipes passes me in the far left lane. We were going about 60 and I was in 5th gear - wrong gear should have been in 4th. When we got around some traffic I attempted to pass him on the right when he decides to put the hammer down. He had about 2 car lengths on me when I went to WOT and still in 5th. With the whine of the blower like I’ve never heard it, I smoked this Z by 5 car lengths or more then let off at 125. It was amazing how fast it pulled to 125 in 5th compared to stock. I know the Z28 was not slow because I watched him accelerate around cars as he passed me before the race. After that he stayed way back and never attempted to pass again. I don’t think he knew what hit him. :eek2:

One install note - the M6 engine mounts are higher so some frame metal needed to be cut from the center of the hood to clear the charger. It barely fits under the stock hood but I didn’t want a scooped hood. I like the sleeper look.

Bottom line - This blower is expensive but awesome for a daily driver. The whine is a little loud while accelerating but I like it. Another bonus, I notice the 23 MPG number on the gauge - about the same as before.
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