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Ritalin version: Big ol Beemer tries a ricer flyby on the 101 south in Thousand Oaks, CA, learns the hard way that he never stood a chance. :fawkdance

Details: So I am on my way home from a 10 hour workday topped off with the start of my winter bowling league. Totally MMOB with the cruise set at 75 as past transgressions mandate that I muzzle my fast whenever police intervention is possible. Also I had a friend on the speaker phone discussing plans for the weekend. I am in the third lane passing some slower traffic in the right two lanes when all of a sudden a pair of HID's are on my a$$. OK whatever the fast lane is open so go around. He stays on me until I pull over after passing the car next to me.

30 seconds later I end my phone call with "I gotta show this 745 you don't tailgate me". I guess I am NMMOB at this point and it looks like the fast is about to escape. :mad: Drop into 4th and catch up so I can pace him. There is a little gap so I nudge it a few times and he doesn't bite. Got a little ****y and thought "Yeah, I thought so". A slow poke pulls out of the fast lane so I keep going and at the next gap sure enough here he comes on the right. Is he going to do a German flyby? I don't even know what you call that, "the autobahn breeze" maybe? Throw in the clutch and wonder with so many gears, which one do I choose? Oh wait, I know - third gear FTW. Bring the revs up as he gets closer and then BOOM! I don't know if the 30 odd pounds of bowling gear in trunk helped but you would have thought Wile E. Coyote dropped a safe on my spoiler the headlights shot up so fast. His flyby was stopped almost instantaneously and I rode 4th out a little bit just for good measure but that was the last I saw of him. Haha go use that car to impress clients or drive your co-workers around because we both know that’s what its best for.

I know this car never came close and the only mod's you ever see are tint and big a$$ rims but I couldn't resist. I don’t seem to get too many opportunities out here to teach some manners.


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Nice kill Dave - I just love blowing away those big BMW's - the cars a nice, the owners/drivers are . . . . . . - well - you know.
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