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First Ship

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Well I did get a little bit more info ...

The Boat will leave monday with 460 GTO's
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460 cars in around 30 days is 15-16 per day. They have a lot of catching up to do. BTW those of you that get one of the 460 congratulations and remember your responsibilities for pics, videos and personal reviews!!

well they did run into issues

They had a problem with the clutch fluid corroding the lines, they changed every man, had to re-programme every BCM so the alarm works properly.
It sounds like they can slam em out now
...yes but look at the rest of the response to my post on - BOBGEN111 says they have about 260 cars done (and his favorite is black) leaving about 200 to do in 11 days if the boat is leaving on time - Good luck Holden!
When they are running at "full speed" they can produce 30 cars in one shift. They were making 10 per shift but then like stated before they ran into issues.

If anyone within driving distance to Albany NY is interested, I called my local dealer - the largest in this area - who usually gets first deliveries and GM preference (so they say) - and they have 7 on order and none of them allocated to customers yet (no deposits). One black on black 6 speed, a red on red 6 speed and 5 autos. The Salesman's response to price "We don't know the price yet, but the most we will charge is MSRP and expect a little discount off of that!!" - I can't believe I haven't ordered yet....
Hmmmm The numbers are not coming out. At 30 per shift and 9 months to go at most that is 8100 more cars. Not anywhere near 18,000 or the 16,700 that has been quoted recently. My late August order may not make it??!!??

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I will stop as soon as my GTO gets here!!

this monday? sothey have 460 to go hope mine is one but ithink those are are for other folks such as big wigs owners of dealerships and magazines and what ever they need them for?? o now i see that 260 are built dammm doesnt look good
I heard that they are going to assemble more of them on the 30day ship voyage to the states and drill the holes and slap vin numbers on them as the roll off the ship :)

Any of us will truly be a member of a select crowd if our cars are part of that first ship!

Watch those TPW's.....
yea i heard that some folks with early tpw might have to finish building there cars at the port in california? so bring some tools
I'm the one that came up with the 16,700 number. This was given to me in August at the Tri Power Nationals when I talked to Jim Wangers (Godfather of the GTO).
They are not building only on 3rd shift but all 3 shifts according to a Holden employee on an Aussie Forum.
Here is my calculations.
30/shiift x3=90x5 days=450/wk x 4 wks=1800 x 9 mo. =16,200 plus 460 already built = 16,660
so are 460 built/? and is it this monday/? wow 30 a shift 90 a day i have been to the vette plan but i forgot how many they build a day ?? and if any of us wth early dates get one of the first it will be total luck
30 a shift is nothing!

Some of GM's other factories pump out 100's a day.

Remember they aren't just assembling GTO's in a shift. How many Monaro's and middle east exports are running at the same time.
I did read that they have the capability of running several car types at the same time and that is one of the efficiencies that Holden had over US plants. That would make sense if they are to ship close to the 16,000-18,000 cars for the year. The 18,000 was a maximum number per the agreement with the UAW.

Certainly it is not very efficient to ship only 460 cars but I bet it is expensive to make a ship wait that has already been scheduled.

I talked with my salesman today to give him some of this information and he did tell me that GM told them there would be 1800 cars per shipment. That puts them about 1300 cars behind at this point.

In my case because I ordered mine outside the dealers alottment I will not have an order number untill the factory picks it up. Just taking an educated guess but with somewhere around 1800 dealers and the average alottment of 2. (I called ten dealers within Washington state and they all had only 1 or 2 cars alotted. I do know that some dealers like Sewell have many more then that) Anyway that means the alotted cars was around 3,600. Even if the average alottment is 4 or 5 that still leaves plenty of cars available for people like me that snoozed until August 25th. My car should be built around March with delivery in April. I am afraid y'all have to put up with my drinking until then.

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Re first ship: There is a car carrier due in Adelaide 10/12 arriving and leaving same day for east Austraila ports. There is a carrier arriving 10/13, leaving 10/14 for Melbourne, then to 2 ports in New Zealand leaving last 10/24. I have not been able to track its next destination yet. If that is our ship, you can see why takes time to get here- is a local, not express service.
Looking forward to the motorweek review!

Okay it's Monday in Australia. Did the cars make it??

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LOL! Have some patience. :D
Damn, I ordered mine September 12th and the dealership was getting 9 of them (mine was number 7). I had them put in writing that if I didn't get the color/tranny I wanted, I get my deposit of 500 bone back. They're charging MSRP, so it's not a big deal.

But if the 460 cars being built is true (and I see no reason it isn't), then that just pushed ALL or TPWs back at least a month. I'm guessing an April delivery at the earliest for myself. The sad thing is, I waited 2 months before I put my deposit down....... damn RX8 and WRX STi anyway!
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