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So I made my first journey into the world of organized drag racing. The nearest track for me is an 1/8 mile track, but I figured it would do for my first time racing. Mods are in my signature, stock tires. My first run was horrible, traction and wheelhop issues, and add in a TERRIBLE 2-3 shift (yeah, had to shift to 3rd with a lot of track left) and I shut it down and coasted in 5th. Times were:

R/T .938
60' 2.397
330 6.457
1/8 10.925
MPH 49.71

Then I lined up, warmed the tires a bit more this time and prepared to launch at 2,500 RPM. Wheel-hop was still CRAZY, but I could tell I ran a little better (though nowhere near "good") Times were:

R/T 1.022 (that nap was refreshing)
60' 2.281
330 6.293
1/8 9.414
MPH 79.50

I had a 3rd run of a 9.856, half of the entire difference was in my 60' time which was a 2.505. I know the numbers aren't inspiring, but I did enjoy myself. All I am planning on doing to my car is a Rippshifter and HID's, but am now open to something for the wheelhop.

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practice makes better, dont worry everyone has been there.

my first time was a 1/4 mile

[email protected] with a 2.3 something........that was a little over 2yrs ago.

having fun is all that matters

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+1 I was cutting 14s the first time i went to the track too.. almost exactly 1 year ago.

You'll get better. A cheap easy fix for wheel hop is Drag bags. $100 and they make a big difference.

Keep practicing. :) get some nitto DRs.. that'll help too

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Yeah, the strip for me is going to be like that video game that you only play every now and then, not really trying to be the best or the fastest, just hope to have some fun and do a little better each time. I think I am going to do the drag bags though, perhaps get some DR's at some point too. From everything I can tell, a deflated drag bag is like no drag bag at all, so no effect on ride quality until aired up, and that is appealing to me. Thanks for the comments.

P.S. It's relieving to see that two 10 second GTO drivers had 60' troubles early on as well! Now I don't feel as ashamed (still a little though).

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Practice goes along way. Best i could manage stock was low 14's and i was blazing 2.3.-2.4 60'.

Still have trouble today and i've had many passes at the track. Have fun.

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practice practice practice.

couple of things:

1) if you're running stock (non-drag radial) rubber, try lowering the psi on the rear down to 20-25 psi. bring a small compressor with you to air back up at the end of the night

2) leave on 3rd yellow. that'll help RTs

3) the 2-3 shift can be a PITA. what i've found is that, being a big guy, i sit with the seat all the way back to make room for my legs when driving normally. this makes for a long throw on the 2-3 or 4-5 shift, almost to the point where i have to shift myself forward in the seat a little. for the drags, i scoot up just a little. also, just take your time and don't rush it. the main reason you're likely missing is because of that lil notch in the stock shifter when you're coming past neutral. practice that shift with the clutch in while in the staging lines. helps me a lot

4) i don't know how you're launching exactly, but it sounds like you're just giving it too much gas off the line. try a little lower on the RPMs, then work on feathering the throttle coming off the line.

and, last but not least, just HAVE FUN! you're times will come down pretty quick. hell, by my 2nd time out, i was running 9.0s at just over 80 with nothing but an intake and a tune.

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