I bought this tool so I could properly loosen and tighten the balancer crankshaft bolt. The idjit I bought it from took forever to ship it so I ended up buying another locally (for a much higher price) so I could get the work done while it was still warm enough to work out in the garage. Three days after I got the work done and when the temps had dropped dramatically anyway, this one arrived. I don't need two of them. I don't want to just throw it away, but like I said, I don't need two.

This little gem bolts to the starter bolt holes and holds the engine internals steady while you loosen and tighten things like flywheel bolts, clutch bolts, balancer bolts, etc. It can be used in the car or with the engine on a stand. You just need to unbolt the starter first and push it out of the way which can be done without even disconnecting the wiring (just disconnect the cables at the battery first!).

So, free to a member who has been here for at least 3 years and has at least responded once to one of my posts. Bonus points if you can state why my user name is what it is.

System wouldn't let me post with zero dollar amount so I had to enter $1 but it is free shipped to you in the CONUSA.