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Everything that I've been able to find about where to plumb-in the fsps on the fuel system seems to indicate its placement after the fuel regulator/pump and before the fuel solenoid. And most of the wiring diagrams show it in series with both the fuel and nitrous 'noids. When the fsps is below its set minimum (low or no fuel pressure) it remains open and results in both the fuel and nitrous solenoids staying closed thus preventing a straight shot of N2O. This is great if you lose fuel pressure. But what protection is there if the fuel solenoid sticks closed? The fsps will still read proper fuel pressure if the fuel solenoid sticks closed and the N2O 'noid will open resulting in a raw shot of N2O. Bang!

So here's my question. Why could you not place the fsps between the fuel solenoid and your injection point? Then wire the fsps in series with the N2O solenoid and the fuel solenoid wired independently. Then if you had a fuel solenoid failure resulting in no fuel flow past the noid the fsps would hold the N2O 'noid closed. Might involve an additional relay or two depending on the complete setup -haven't really thought the wiring through just yet - but that should'nt be a problem.

What am I missing here? Why the placement before the fuel solenoid? Fuel lag? switching or relay lag? Sure if the fuel solenoid was to stick open you would have a whole different set of issues but the fsps doesn't figure into that senario regardless of placement. So why no placement after the fuel 'noid?
Help me out here. I got to be missing something. If I'm not, wouldn't this give us protection against the "sticky plunger" 'noid issue associated with fuel additives/ethanol I've been hearing about?

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fpss makes it so that if you drop fuel pressure your nitrous will not spray.

In order to spray you have to have normal fuel pressure,
If it is after your fuel noid it will read 0psi when not spraying and it will not allow your nitrous/fuel noids to open. so put it before your fuel noid not after it.

the fuel rail is a great place to put your fpss there is a test cap on the drivers side rail facing the front of the car, very easy to set up. In fact if you want one i will sell it to you that will just bolt right on.
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