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I parked my 06 PBM in my usual place today at work (45 degree angle against a fire lane) where I won't get any scratches. When I was heading out the door to the building next door I saw a red 05 parked at the same angle next to mine. When I was on my way back several hours later I saw a note on my window and It's from another GTO owner with a Silver 06 (aja345).

Just curious how many GTO owners live/work on Ft. Lewis?

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About 10-12...It was me who posted the note.

2004 Impules Blue (my old car): with a big tach and flowmaster 40s
2005 Impules Blue: "import Killer" sticker in in my unit
2005 Red: The one you saw AKA "backwoodsGTO"
2005 red: sporst app. pkg and a big dent in the front fender
2006 Spice Red: Stricker near 3bde.
2006 Silver: Red INT. he is a contractor on north fort
2006 know this one.
2006 Silver: Mine
2004 Yellow: riding on 20" wheels
2005?? yellow: had the SAP hood

These are just what I remember.
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