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Getting tired of the all black wheels on the 04

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I'm thinking they would look better in silver or even a copper color. I like the design of the wheels, just not the black. Would I be foolish to scuff and paint them or should I go the full blown route of having them stripped and powder coated?


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I masked off the barrels of the wheels since I want that part to remain black. I assume I have to peel the masking off immediately after the last coat of dip spray while things are still wet to get a clean break line and to avoid pulling up any of the dip coating? Or should I just let it cure and then score around the edge of the masking with a hobby knife or something like that?
Pull it off while wet.
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The stuff I needed to fix two of the wheels showed up today. One fixed up just fine. Worked better than expected, but you do have to pay attention to what you are doing. The last wheel was a bit of a challenge. First time around I made it better, but it was still not perfect so I'm trying again. The process is fairly forgiving but I sure hope this last attempt works out well enough. This wheel will be on the driver's front so if it looks obviously bad I will see it all the time. If I could rotate tires side to side I would and then I'd have it on the passenger side and not as noticeable to me. :D

EDIT Huh, Michelin says it is perfectly acceptable to rotate tires diagonally as long as they are not directional. I guess I CAN put the less perfect wheel on the passenger side. It was originally driver rear so it will become passenger front. Yeeha.
Thought that was normal for non-directional...
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