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GMS pricing?

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I am spending time at my inlaws...he is retired GM. He has a retiree newsletter and it lists a website for GM employees to visit to get their GMS pricing and MSRP pricing, as well as authorization number.

When we went to build a GTO, it does not give GMS pricing as an option like it does with every other car.....

The website is

I am wondering if this means we won't get GMS?????
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No I don't believe that is true about GMS. It is true that most if all will not accept GMS deals on the GTO. The simple fact is that supply and demand is the culprit in the decision of whether or not to accept a GMS deal. If the GTO moves well like everyone is supposing they will due to the overwhelming numbers of pre sold orders the chances anyone taking a GMS deal on one would be slim and none. I hopes this helps.


Jason Feuerberg

Thanks, but what I wonder, is GM even going to offer GMS on the dealer is not only a great dealer/friend/client but he told me that if GM offered GMS, he would let me use it on his single allocation GTO.

But since I can't get GM's website to even list GMS pricing on the car, I wonder if they will offer it at all?

My dealer said he does not know.....

I work for GM at a assembly plant and I was at a dealership in town and saw a inter office memo on exclusions to GMS discounts and the only ones on it was the SSR and the 2 new Cadillac models the suv and the 2 seater ---- The GTO was listed and had no restrictions beside it.
GMS Pricing

I have a GM supplier certificate and my dealer says its good and he will deal. They photo-copied it and asked some questions but they say it is valid. Then again you know dealers they will tell you anything as long as you put your money down. As I understand it my pricing is inovice minus 2 per cent. I am waiting on delivery and hope they can get me any GTO in any color before January 2nd 2004 because that is when the certificate expires. My pricing also lets me combine it with incentives if I wanted a GTP I could get one now for 23K..5K off MSRP. I am not even tempted.:D
The GTO is in fact available through the GMS pricing plan. My dealer has 4 allocations and will be selling me mine @ GMS. Thank god! GM Family First does not allow you to configure the GTO it is easier to just call the 1-800 number and ask for a GMS number for a 2004 purchase. They are unique to buyer and year but NOT vehicle. Once you have a GMS number you may buy ANY 2004 GM vehicle excluding the SSR, XLR and the SRX, also pending the dealership's willingness to participate.
In order to see the GMS price you must click on the search dealer inventory icon on the Family First web site but since there are no GTO's in dealler inventory at this time you can't see the GMS price yet. I'm hoping it will show up once the cars are delivered.
GMS price is 28,531.53 I do not believe this includes destination charge.

For the manual add 597.70 and subtract 1000 for gas guzzler tax that comes with the automatic.
my dealer called me lastnight to say that they have one on the way and should be in next week... i asked price and they told me 40k. a month ago i could use my suplyers discount.. now i cant....

$40,000 are you sure
there are many dealers who are jacking the price up. Just need to find one doing msrp. they are out there.

I am a GM employee and mine is going to be about $28,500

Most of the dealers in Kansas and Missouri are at MSRP
I called Gm a few days ago in reference to the GMS discount and it is good for EVERY vehicle except the Hummer. The problem is every dealership I called said No they would not take it and that I am lucky that I have a dealership selling my GTO at MSRP.

The SSR and the Caddy XLR are both exempt.
Not according to GM unless they forgot to tell me those but they said even the Corvette is good for that discount and gave us a website and a reference number to show it was but the issue is it is up to the dealer if they will take it on a vehicle.
That is true SSR, XLR and SRX are excluded from the program at this time. They will be added in time.
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