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Hello all,
I am looking into getting a tune in/around the Tampa bay area. Does anyone here know where would be the best place to get one. I'm new to this car, and want someone who knows exactly what they are doing. I have a 2005 M6 if that would help. I looked into the superchips tuner, but it's only for the ls1, not the ls2 as far as I can tell. It would be nice to get something that I can tune and de-tune in case I need to go to the dealership. THanks in advance for the help.

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Super chips is working on the ls2 as we speak. they are still looking for stock cars to run test's. and you get a free product when it comes out. i got approx 24 hp from them. they are in Sanford. 20 Min's from Orlando. and Welcome to our site.

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I think Formato is the best choice. He is local and very knowledgeable. Bob is over 50 miles away.
Jeremy is out of town at the minute but I can have my husband GTO1369 let you know when he is back in town in order to reach Jeremy.

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Formato is the man. Here is his contact info. He is a member/sponsor on this forum and he does keep up with his PM's.
His user ID is JFLS6, the rest I copied over from his signature file. I just talked to him yesterday. Ask Jeremy, but if you want to be able to tune/detune you probably either need to buy the software (HPTuners) or a handheld (Diablo?). The biggest difference between those 2 options is cost (software is about $100 more than handheld) and the fact that you have to have a computer for the software, whereas the handheld is stand alone. Sponsor
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