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Got my heart broken yesterday

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Some A hole decided to lock up the brakes in the middle of a busy road to try and make their turn. This caused a chain reaction of cars slamming into each other. This was the result :cry:

I hate people…
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My son has been driving almost a year - I did his 'Parent Taught Driver's Ed' course, and registered as his trainer and kept logs.

One thing I instilled in him is that if you screw up - miss your turn, forget to get over for your exit, then YOU take the responsiblity and go on down to the next one, u-turn or take a different route. This 'me first' BS that some drivers think life owes them is why there's so many dented shitboxes on the roads.
Good for you. Fnnnnnn hate people who do this crap. Slam brakes and cut three lanes on the highway.

Always see temp tags as some of the worst too.

The public is genuinely stupid and has no regard for inconveniencing anyone else.
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The reason they dont is because emergency phone calls. How would one differentiate between being a passenger or driver? Also for any other modes of transportation (bicycle?)
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