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Got my heart broken yesterday

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Some A hole decided to lock up the brakes in the middle of a busy road to try and make their turn. This caused a chain reaction of cars slamming into each other. This was the result :cry:

I hate people…
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People suck.

My Goat lives in the garage most of the time. Last time I took it out there were 3 people that nearly hit me because they were stupid. Went back home and put it back in the garage. For some reason it always seems like people are dumber when I take her out...
No, there are plenty of people out there driving while dumb, you just notice them more when out with your baby. ;)

Can we get laws on the books that make it a jailable offense to being caught DWD? Then we can have citizens arrests run rampant and clean up the streets. :D

Actually, one of the really big things we could do is make it impossible to use your phone while driving. Nine times out of ten when I witness someone DWD I observe them with their phone in their hand or looking down at their lap.
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