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Got my heart broken yesterday

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Some A hole decided to lock up the brakes in the middle of a busy road to try and make their turn. This caused a chain reaction of cars slamming into each other. This was the result :cry:

I hate people…
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Sorry to see this. People really do suck. Gotta lock up my brakes because heaven forbid I miss a turn and am mildly inconvenienced.
My son has been driving almost a year - I did his 'Parent Taught Driver's Ed' course, and registered as his trainer and kept logs.

One thing I instilled in him is that if you screw up - miss your turn, forget to get over for your exit, then YOU take the responsiblity and go on down to the next one, u-turn or take a different route. This 'me first' BS that some drivers think life owes them is why there's so many dented shitboxes on the roads.
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