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Got my heart broken yesterday

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Some A hole decided to lock up the brakes in the middle of a busy road to try and make their turn. This caused a chain reaction of cars slamming into each other. This was the result :cry:

I hate people…
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People suck.

My Goat lives in the garage most of the time. Last time I took it out there were 3 people that nearly hit me because they were stupid. Went back home and put it back in the garage. For some reason it always seems like people are dumber when I take her out...
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No, there are plenty of people out there driving while dumb, you just notice them more when out with your baby. ;)

Actually, one of the really big things we could do is make it impossible to use your phone while driving.
True, I am more vigilant while in my Goat than, say, my Jeep.

And here in Utah it is illegal to do anything other than talk on your phone. Actually what the law says is that it's illegal to "manipulate a cell phone" while driving. My highway patrol buddy basically explained that if you can answer your phone and talk without taking your eyes off the road that's ok, but if they see you looking down or doing anything else (ie: texting) then they can get you for that. How much they actually enforce this I'm not sure though.
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