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Got my heart broken yesterday

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Some A hole decided to lock up the brakes in the middle of a busy road to try and make their turn. This caused a chain reaction of cars slamming into each other. This was the result :cry:

I hate people…
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OH 💩 !!! I hope you're O.K.!!!

I feel your pain and I'm SO SORRY to see this. If it's ANY consolation, this was my car on Friday March 11th, 2016. I left work early so I could head over to bowling and get in some practice...

...I didn't quite make the early practice...

Instead, some stupid C__NT was driving a used P.O.S. minivan with no working tail lights. She was stopping as she went over a hill. If her car was working properly, I would have seen her tail lights and slow. Instead I crested the hill to see her and another vehicle almost stopped. I blasted her and about 83 pounds of BONDO flew all over the place; wrecking my car

To add insult to injury, I got the ticket (because I couldn't stop in time - you must maintain control of your vehicle at all times).

I kept my car and bought a vandalized car from to fix mine.

I disassembled both cars and fixed mine....

The frame was repaired professionally and I had a shop paint it for me. I reassembled my car. By Memorial Day weekend, I had the car back up and running. A couple of buddies and I went for a quick cruise:

You could probably fix it, as it doesn't look nearly as bad as mine did. 🤞

I never surrendered the title, so it never got changed. All it says (on CarFax) is the car was involved in an accident.
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