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I have ordered a buch of stuff from Ryan/Grafxwerks in the past and have always been satisfied with their products. I now will write about the customer serivce aspect. I got the new steering wheel instert off his site a week or so ago. I was out of the country and I only received it Monday. The sticker got damaged in transit, some of the numbers from the supplied alcohol pad were now on the liquidome decal.

Emailed Ryan and he asked me to try and wipe it off with rubbing alcohol. Didn't work. Sent another email saying so and Ryan said he would replace it, no charge. That was 9/12. I just got the new decal in the mail today 9/16 and it is in perfect condition.

I would certainly continue to buy from him, except my car now has every available Grafxwerks decal on it. So I encourage everyone here to buy from him and I know you will not be dissappointed.

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