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Hey guys,

As most of you already know "OUR" GTO's will NOT come with the GTO Caliper Writing on them like you see in this picture. However, I already have the templates and several Stainless Steel "Brushed Aluminum" Decals finished and ready to sell. I LOVE this look on GTO's wheels. I also wished we could get those rims and the rotors they show as well but, typical GM changes the car from what they orginally market just to save a few dollars. Anyway if ANY of you are interested please email me here and I would give you all the info on these decals. They are ready to ship and ready to install the day you get your 2004 GTO :D

My email is: [email protected]

Thanks SO MUCH for your time gents and ladies ;)
Chad Drexel
2004 Impulse Blue GTO (impatiently waiting)
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