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GTO order #

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I ordered a black GTO back in August, I did not receive an order number. Am I supposed to get that from the dealer I ordered it from? Will the dealership also have the TPW date and number?
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Yes and yes. Or, just call the dealer to get your order number and post it on the tracker on this site. Jason and Jon will do the rest.:D :D :D
There might be a delay from the dealer however. I ordered mine in August also and am still waiting. The factory has to "pick up" the order before you get an order number. I am hoping that will happen in November sometime.

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I beleive that the order number is given at the time that the dealer enters the order. I got my order number with in a few hours of placing my order with the dealer.
You get the order number immediately if you have ordered one of their alottment for the first shipment. In my case the dealer had two alotted for the first shipment and I ordered the 3rd. The process for "out of 1st shipment orders" is for them to fax the order in. Then when it is picked up from the factory you get an order number. This of course is screwed up in part because the first shipment was supposed to be around 3,000 cars and it was only 460. I was skeptical of this process until I was able to have it verified through emails with GM.

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WOW...that is a screwed up system. Hopefully youo will get your order number and TPW soon.
Now you know why I am drinking so much......

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