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GTO Production Update 9-4-03

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Well so far no GTO's have been built down the line ... however in the plant this is the schedule for the first batch of GTO's.

Start of prod- 2 sep.
Ship leaves AUS- 14 oct.
Ship arrives USA- 17 nov.
Cars in dealers- ?? dec.

Right now it looks like it's backed up a little bit :(
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I know the Pacific Ocean is a big ocean, but nearly a month to get from there to here???

What are they taking the scenic WWII historical route? :D
I just share the info I get. I dont know how that takes the loading/undoading into effect. I think thats the "drop off/ogranize/load/ship/unload/organize/load on to trains" schedule.
What does the production status mean on the "Track your GTO" page? Maybe you could add a key on the bottom a 300 code is such and a 3100 code is this, sort of deal.

I'm waiting to hear back from my dealer guy for clarification

1001 is when the order is made but not picked up by Pontiac yet. I know that 3000 is when its accepted by production and given a TPW. 3100 is when its more solid and closer to production (I guess)
Ok I found out how to track the orders Jon. They go as follows from the orders you gave me:

User Order# TPW Status
DevilYellow GKJCTV 11/24 3000
Chotton GJRHBH 10/13 3100
Nasa43 GKSC5W 10/27 3000
CVP33 GMJQ0C 9/29 3000

Also found out that 3100 status means the car is available to sequence whatever that means. That 3300 means that the car is available for production. Keep the orders coming Jon, since I found out how to look up the status of all orders.
ZO6J -

You made my day! Dealer gave me TPW as 11/4 and you're showing 9/29! I like yours better. I hope it's right.

Thanks for the good news,
well i wouldnt get too far ahead ...that order # came up as a trailblazer for me... jason - try using a "0" not a "o" ....
I updated the tracking page to reflect some recent changes

The next update will be on monday the 8th
I used the "o" first and cvp33 order would not come up then I used a "0" and it showed up. But everything that I will look up for you guys will be correct and accurate.
A zero is correct not an 'oh'.

Thanks again!
Uh oh. Now it's gone again? What gives?:(
Just called the dealer. He had a bad order #. I have added the corrected one. TPW is 11/3/03.


O = the letter and NOT the number

Tracking my GTO

it will be added within an hour or two usually, at most it can take 48 hours for me to add it.

Order look-ups and updates are done every monday morning.
My Order

DevilYellow said:
it will be added within an hour or two usually, at most it can take 48 hours for me to add it.

Order look-ups and updates are done every monday morning.
Hi DevilYellow, I know you said updates will be added every Monday morning. Since I placed my order on 06/04/03 and received an order # the same day shouldn't I have a TPW? Should I be worried, ok I am!!!! When do you think I could expect one. Sorry for being so impatient. Thanks.
Tracking Page

DevilYellow said:
check out the tracking page ;)
Yes, I seen my order # on the tracking page, Thank You.
I was wandering about the TPW, and when you thought I should expect one.

Thanks Again
I'm new. What's a TPW. I got the other codes.
Mine's a Yellow Jacket M6 ordered 6/4/03. I know a guy used work at the dealer. No down payment. Will see what they do with the MSRP. Keeping fingers crossed the "in" keeps the outrageous markup to zero. hada64 (Midnight blue, 4speed, 4 barrel- wish I still had it)
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