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SOLD-04 & 06 Torrid Red GTO's
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I know a dealer in Lapeer, MI (I-69 and M24) just north of the Detroit area that WILL honor GMS (employee / family pricing) or supplier discounts (4% higher than GMS, I believe) for those ELIGIBLE on any GTO in stock or incoming. Once again, I stress those ELIGIBLE, and I'm not sure how long this will go on.

The dealership is Roberts Buick / Pontiac and he is the Sales Manager (Chris Olson, 810-667-2102). Here is what he has in and what's coming:

IN STOCK: Purple/Purple A4, Black/Red M6

BUILT & INCOMING: Yellow/Black M6

TPW 2/13: Red/Black A4, Silver/Black M6
TPW 3/1: Black/Black M6
TPW 3/15: Red/Black A4
TPW 3/22: Black/Black A4
TPW 4/19: Red/Black M6

Great smaller town dealer and attitude. I don't get anything if you buy from him, but if you want, you can say RUQWIKR Dave sent you. Take care.

PS: If you flew in, check Detroit and Flint as Flint is MUCH closer and often cheaper than Detroit to him.
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