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Having trouble with "Track Your GTO"...

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My order doesn't seem to be showing up. GKZT3X.

BTW, thanks for all this site is doing for us potential (and current) GTO owners.
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When did you let Jon know about it? He's been pretty busy lately and if it was just recently he may not have added it yet. He also only runs updates once a week.
I used the tool on the tracking page to enter my order on Monday.
I had the same trouble. I believe that they are too busy to enter new folks every day. I think that I tried to resubmit mine every day for a week before it finally showed up on a Monday.

Give it some time. You will likely have to wait until they update the entire list (Monday) before you see your order on the tracker.

John only updates once a week the next one is Monday the 5th.
You only have to reg once . He will get it.
The thing that I think is misleading is that at the bottom of the page it says that new orders will be added within 48 of submission.

Maybe that page should be updated to remove that statement entirely? To avoid false expectations?

It used to be 48 hours ...until there were 20 to be added each day with most of them being bogus (duplicates or non-registered)

I've been working really hard on the new site, I had wanted to move over on the 1st but that didn't happen. I am trying to make the registry/tracker a larger part of the board and be even nicer than it is now.
Thanks for all of your hard work Devil Yellow!

I don't know how I would feed my addiction :drink: :drink: without your website!

Okay I have now noticed that everyone with a TPW of 10/29 has a VIN except me. The only difference that I can see is that I am the only one that has the year as 2003 everyone else has it as 03. How's that for grasping at straws?
:drink: :drink:
Well Tails, it's hard for me to feel bad for you. I have a TPW of 9/23 and have a 3300 status. I have nothing, zip, zero, nada. It's all beginning to seem like a terrible nightmare. I'm never actually going to get my car. GTO's don't actually exist. I've been waiting all this time for nothing. I feel like such an idiot. What the hell was I doing thinking that I would get a GTO? And, get this, at one time I actually had the nerve to think I would have it before Thanksgiving! I'm such a jackass!
I have a TPW of 9/9/03, haven't heard crap. On the other hand I finally got to see one in person. It....looks.....AWESOME!!! All of the pictures in the world don't do this car justice. Verrrrry slick. It was in an Impulse blue on that arrived at my dealer about five minutes before I did. Unfortunatly it wasn't mine.
Okay well I don't feel any better for myself but I sure feel worse for you guys!!
:drink: :drink:
oops, I mean 9/03/03......that's even worse.
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