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Help required please.

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Hi guy's,
I'm needing a bit of information if someone can help.
over in Oz and the UK our cars came with folding cup holders in the dashboard (Saab items I believe) and a cubby in the centre floor console.
These cubby's have a spring loaded lid with a tiny plastic "finger" for better words that holds the lid closed.
My plastic "finger" snapped off a couple of times, I've tried glue, JB-weld and it still snaps off!!!
A new item from OZ is over US$400 plus postage, and I'm assuming in time it will break again?
Now, you guy's have cup holders instead.
Could anyone supply me with a photo or two of what the fittings are like in the console with the cup holders removed. And hopefully GM in their wisdom kept both the US, OZ and UK consoles the same, albeit left and right hand drive differences with switch placement.
If I can retro fit the cup holders into my console I probably stand a better chance in purchasing said piece from the US.

You can see the offending "finger" on the photo above, top left.

If anyone can indeed help I would be really appreciative.
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Could you make one out of metal and fix it?

Could you perhaps pull one from an opal or Saab? Or maybe it's even on the caddy catera. Same car in places

Failing that I doubt the open cup holder fits right in but it might with some fidgety
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