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HIDs… Who sells a good setup today?

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With all the rage in LED bulbs, I am interested in a set of HIDs for the GTO. I have LEDs in there now and while they are decent, I can’t help but drive my wife’s Acadia with factory HIDs and like them more. I probably shouldn’t be worried too much about this since I don’t drive the car much at night but I would still like a good light set up. I have a spare set of headlamp bulb covers to modify for the bulb wiring and I don’t mind running a heavy duty wire and relay setup to the battery if it is needed. So, who is a good brand/vendor to buy from these days?
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Put a set of off-the-shelf H9 halogen bulbs in the low beams. That's what's in the highs, same physical bulb but higher output and you just have to snip a small tab inside the connector to make them fit.
Cheap, easy and no unwanted changes in beam pattern or color temp.
Had this setup in my '05 the entire time I owned it.
Did this. Works great. Suggest you try this set up before doing anything else.
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