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HIDs… Who sells a good setup today?

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With all the rage in LED bulbs, I am interested in a set of HIDs for the GTO. I have LEDs in there now and while they are decent, I can’t help but drive my wife’s Acadia with factory HIDs and like them more. I probably shouldn’t be worried too much about this since I don’t drive the car much at night but I would still like a good light set up. I have a spare set of headlamp bulb covers to modify for the bulb wiring and I don’t mind running a heavy duty wire and relay setup to the battery if it is needed. So, who is a good brand/vendor to buy from these days?
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Retrofit Source is a good place for HIDs.

What LED bulbs are you using? A lot of the designs are downright awful.
BPS Lighting H11 Perfect Fits. They aren’t bad, just looking at other options.
I’ve looked at Xenonpro and they look like good quality kits. I pulled the DRL relay years ago so no issues with that. I’ll keep doing some reading. I’m not gonna pull my headlamps apart to do a retrofit. They are too difficult and expensive to come by should I fuck it up. Since I am not experienced enough to mess with something like that, the GTO headlamps shouldn’t be my first.
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I’ve been looking for an options that doesn’t require me to use the drilled out dust cover caps.. doing that usually means no HID. I just have a set of Xeno Depot HIDs in right now.
I don’t think there is a way around that. @Nothubertjfarnsworth is selling dust cover caps so you could buy those and keep your originals. I bought 2 for this very reason. Do you have the Morimoto kit from them?
Well, I chatted with XenonPro and the guy answered all of my questions. I then went to YT for some reviews and seen a few complaints, but the one that sticks out is they sent the wrong bulbs and refused to make it right. So they are now last on the list. There are plenty of good reviews but that pisses me off that something so simple to fix is being ignored, if the story is even true to begin with.

The Retrofit Source has two different Morimoto kits available and the cheaper $180 35w 5500k kit is in consideration. I am going to call The HID Factory and inquire about their version of the Morimoto Elite HIDs since it is cheaper. They recommend the 35w kit and advertise the 5500k kit as the best for light projection and the 6000k as the most popular. Homework is fun.

Thank you to all that have replied to the thread. I know that I am not hacking my stock headlights up and that I am 90% sure I am not going with a 55w kit for the risk of heat damage. I don’t mind adding in the HD relay harness because I will go out of my way to make it look factory and hide it within the car very well. I will reply with what I find out from calls and chats today.
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Talked to the HID Factory today and the guy I spoke with said in their Morimoto kit, they upgrade the ballast because they claim theirs is better than Morimoto’s. Recommended the 35w and 5500 or 6000k bulbs. Less than $150 shipped on their website. I’ll see if I can find some worthwhile reviews and go from there.
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99 dollar Sylvania h11 LEDs from autopart store near you. Easy to find. Ease to install oh and I left the dust covers off for years.

On my g8 when the humidity got high enough it would occasionally get some condensation. Rare though
The BPS Lighting Perfect Fit series LEDs I have fit in the GTO lamps and the covers go back on with no issues. They are good bulbs but I think they are better suited for reflector housings rather than a projector. I have the same bulbs in my Impala and they work well in the very small projector style fog lamps as well as the low beams.
I just inquired about BPS Lighting's H11 35w HID kit. Lots of great reviews on their website and since the Perfect Fit LEDs are pretty good, I sent them an email with a few questions. I’ll see what they say and go from there. It is $100 for the H11 Terminator 35w 6000k kit. The 6000k should match my LED fogs perfectly and I will slide my H11s over to the high beams if I get this kit.
Stock dust caps are no longer available, at least according to my Chevy parts guy. I tried a couple of weeks ago, no dice.
Made up my mind today… I ordered the HIDs from BPS Lighting. I have bought several sets of LEDs from them and have not had one bit of trouble with any of them. I callled and talked to them today and placed the order online shortly afterwards. I also ordered all of the interior bulbs in LED from them. I ordered the 35w 6000k Terminator kit. I will move the LED low beams over to the high beams when I do the install and lighting will be complete, I also ordered Auxito turn signal, stop and back up LEDs last week. I have the electronic flasher installed already and order plug and play 1157 resistor wire harnesses for the brake lamps so to not mess with the stock wiring at all. Full update when everything goes in and gets tested.
Sure as hell hope you ordered the right style...

These actually require an H11B for the electrode to be on the correct side and not cause a shadow.

Most order and run an H11 (which would also be considered the H11A), but for an HID application in a stock GTO headlamp an H11B is actually the correct one to use.

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I questioned the tech support guy on this and he assured me their H11s were the correct ones and that the return wire would be facing down as it should. If this isn’t the case, then back they go, no worries.
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only aftmarket HIDs worth buying are Morimoto IMO. I've tried a number of brands and those are the only decent ones on the market
If the ones I chose don’t pan out, I have zero issue returning them and stepping up to the Morimoto kit. This company makes pretty good LED bulbs and the customer service is very good in my book so I wanted to give these a try. Hopefully this isn’t too FPFQ to you like it is to someone else.
Excellent just wanted to make sure. You can always shave tabs to make an H11A work in a B (or vise versa) but clearly easier to buy the correct one to begin with.
Thank you for pointing it out. That was one of several questions I asked about their kit and the guy was very straightforward with me. Hopefully this kit works out. If not, it is not the end of the world.
Popped the HIDs on today, All went well. The bulbs were oriented correctly to place the return wire at the bottom when seated. I mounted the ballasts in the open spots of the frame rails under the head lights like most others did way back when. Interior LEDs also installed and went well. Long overdue for sure. More shit to come…
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