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HIDs… Who sells a good setup today?

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With all the rage in LED bulbs, I am interested in a set of HIDs for the GTO. I have LEDs in there now and while they are decent, I can’t help but drive my wife’s Acadia with factory HIDs and like them more. I probably shouldn’t be worried too much about this since I don’t drive the car much at night but I would still like a good light set up. I have a spare set of headlamp bulb covers to modify for the bulb wiring and I don’t mind running a heavy duty wire and relay setup to the battery if it is needed. So, who is a good brand/vendor to buy from these days?
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Quality LEDs can beam right. I'm using Sylvania LEDs in my f150 at the moment. Works well otherwise I'd use diode dynamics

Hids I used xenon depot for all the retrofits on mine and ones I helped with. Philips bulbs and only use 35w.

Still have a set in my g8. Looks and acts stock. Yes that means auto headlight. No drl though
I didn't do that shit. Philips or Sylvania brand bulbs.. quality ballast block with al body.

Key here is a quality h11 bulb will align the hid spark line with the natural filament hot spot. This make the focal length and span of the projector lense and reflector work right.

This same issue happened with an bulb and is the common issue with LEDs. Hence. Don't buy cheap bulbs
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99 dollar Sylvania h11 LEDs from autopart store near you. Easy to find. Ease to install oh and I left the dust covers off for years.

On my g8 when the humidity got high enough it would occasionally get some condensation. Rare though
One nice thing with the sylvania LED's on my truck. I have them in the Highs also. so they color match perfectly - and the flash to pass/annoy really well.

(F150 stock halogen lights suck donkey ////)

I had Hoen High beam bulbs in the GTO and the G8 - to color match. it was close. and I rand 4300K HID's but if I did it again today I would do 5000K maybe even the 6000 K.

The Sylvania Led's supposedly are 6000K.
People buy aftermarket housings and often that doesn't work as well.

But yes bulb alignment is important no matter what bulb path you go.
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