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1.Forget proper english pretend to read and break sentences im a little :drink: :drink: and im just :pimp: haha :)

2.the predator tuner i want to do multiple tunes a stock tune and every mod i put in afterwards is it worth it to buy a predator. cause i dont feel liek dishin out 400 a pop for each tune pretty much new in the tuning part because the gto is the 1st ride worth tuning for me so how hard is it to use the diablo predator.

4. how can i change the gear ratios to make the gears where i want them to make my car more powerful than the stock setup can the diablo do this. if so what are the good ratio compression numbers for each gear.

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1) ite dawg, we be pretendin n shit.

2,3) Goto the website and look at wht all a predator can do, and decide if its worth it to you. Tuning is easy with this thing. If you know what you want to tune a particular parameter to, its as simple as finding that parameter title, selecting it, and raising or lowering a number usually :)

4) diablo doesnt change your gear ratio, no. lol

Now go sober up heh
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