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I have my GTO

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I picked my GTO up on Monday in rain and in the dark. I love the car, the power is great and ride is rattle free and has very solid feel to it. But I want to warn all future GTO owners that the plastic wrap that is on the car is very very hard to remove. I have glue or something on the front bumper. I see stain mark on driver door where the edge of the wrap was. Two sratches on the bottom of the door were I guess happen trying to remove the wrap. Some very minor and light scratches in the clear coat that should rub out. These cars have come a long way, by ship, by rail, and by truck so my bad luck with new car paint to be perfect, but I never get holds true again.
Happy New Year
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Thanks for the heads up. I will be keeping an eye out.
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Did you not let them PDI the vehicle? If they had, this would've all been taken care of.

The dealer did prep/PDI the car before I picked it up. The saleman told my how hard the wrap was to remove from the bumper. I believe the door wraps were removed in Calif. at the rail/storage area. I washed the car today and with nice sun out I was able to see all the paint imperfections. The door scratches is what I am mad about. I do not know if I should live with it, try to cover it or have it painted and worry about the paint matching.
It's a new car! I wouldn't hand over $34,000 for anything less then perfect!
Yeah - seriously if you aren't totally happy with your car, you should let them know and the sooner the better. Other than that it sounds like you really enjoy the car - that's great! ;)
take it back to the dealer, get them to fix it.

Just think this wrap has been on these cars sitting on the dock in AUS for months in the sun. I doubt it was designed to be baked on for 2-3 months.

IIRC, all the export cars are held in holding bays under shade cloth.

It serves 2 purposes - it discourages the birds in depositing their droppings all over the cars and it also offers protection from our sunlight and its UV

That was in Austrailia - here, unfortunately, they just sit out in the open. If the the "wrap" was put on anticipating UV protected environs then this might be a problem.
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