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I was going to bring that tard up but decided against it

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y'all haven't talked about animalwarfist yet?
was he the 'busa guy. he was gonna run a modded hyabusa or some crap.

What? Is this place full of noobs?

wellishitmypants - that's grey05cobra ... or something very close. Someone bumps that thread like once a year.

Naw, I'm talking about Ryan from New York. AKA, CityGoat. Had yellow GTO at one time if memory services correct. Once upon a time, there where these Post Whore Games, and I think City unleashed a few zinger threads during the first games.

I think it was WORST HAND JOB EVER - tale of a smoking hot virgin who gave him a hj (cause she didn't wanna go to full boggie town) and then cried like all night long afterwards. Very cringy.

Then he has some about getting parts for his ill fated kit car (I know, someone building a kit car... hum...) and him and Kush (?) were at this older dude's house when this guy accidentally pulled up homemade pron of him and his wife - neither you wanted to see nekkid. And couldn't turn it off or something. City said he faked a phone call, and ran out leaving Kush with the guy and his jammed up computer going through his private pics.

I forget the details, but trust me, they were funny AF.
RIght. City had no shame and I liked that about him. Yes he had a yellow GTO, raced it. The kit car thing was a dumpster fire sitting on top of a oil pit.

But the worst handjob ever story just had so much build up. I think it was told verbally better than it was writtenout.

The best one was the kid who was in the military and his "chick" wrecked his GTO.
Chick supposedly backed into a gate - turns out it was filed on insurnace though to some dude. SO a dude drove the GTO either didn't know a stick or something - backed it into a gate and "dude" was hammering the GF.

I think another version of the story was the GF was hummin' it when the accident happened. meh.

Leads me to another old timey bit - how many relationships did this site kill or help kill. I think it was it's own thread once.

Um... You mean Rotor Belly?

This is the epic rise and fall of DannyTanner. Girl had a Miata Rotary engine tat. Shit you not.

/\ shit like that will never happen again, only in the forums pre-facetoobs days.
Yep. I have a work buddy that's big into Mazda stuffs and he ended up reading that thread and saving that picture so he could find that chick at a meet. or something like that, I told him to take some dumbazz cream But yes, that was a sad story on many fronts. Funny but sad.
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