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IDEA - Add a resource page

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How 'bout adding a resource page. Do not allow posts, just a read only page with all resources available regarding the GTO.

1) Pontiac Websites and phone numbers.
2) Customer Service websites and phone numbers.
3) Email addresses for Jim Hopson, Jim Kraut, etc.
4) How to track a ship
5) How to track a rail car
6) What does each status code mean

Just an idea. I know it's all here, it would be great to have it in one location vs. 10.
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That's a great idea. I spend time relooking up that stuff all the time. I am too lazy to write it down. Now what I can't figure out is how you came up with that great idea. Someone told you right?
:drink: :drink:

I gots smarts dammit.
The only resource page we ned is right here.
I mean everytime I have had a question I was
able to find the answers right here in this very site. :p

Besides 1-800-2-Pontiac has no idea whats up :confused:
Nor do most of the dealers :confused: :confused:

With HD hunting cars in KC and DY'S web hosting,plus all
the input from everyone else.
Hay we have answers ;)
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Don't forget all the great work from the Union Pacific customer line.
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