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If your familiar with the two mounts on the botton of the engine, I was wondering if the bolt on the bottom has a torque spec. I'm getting vibration through the whole car only when at a stop, it's not massive vibration, but it wasn't present before the header install. We did undo one of the engine motor mount bolts and then put it back on and we didn't use a torque spec when we did it. I'm thinking it may be on too tight and causing the excess vibration in the car when it's at a stop.

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to tight should not cause vibration. check and see if something is grounding out. touching the frame or body from the engine. pipes will usually cause this.

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Engine Mount Inspection

Notice: Broken or deteriorated mounts can cause misalignment and destruction of certain drive train components. When a single mount breaks, the remaining mounts are subjected to abnormally high stresses.

Notice: When raising or supporting the engine for any reason, do not use a jack under the oil pan, any sheet metal, or the crankshaft pulley. Lifting the engine in an unapproved manner may cause component damage.

Measure engine movement at the engine mounts in order to check for damage to the rubber portions of the mount.
1.1. Apply the park brake.
1 2. Start the engine.
1.3. Firmly apply and hold the primary brakes.
1.4. Have an assistant stand to the side of the vehicle in order to observe for engine movement.
1.5. Slightly load the engine and shift from drive to reverse a few times. If engine movement is more than 24 mm (0.945 inch) from the at rest position, in either direction, check for loose engine mount or mount bracket attachments.

If the engine mount and engine mount bracket bolt torque are to specifications, check the condition of the engine mount.
Replace the engine mount if any of the following conditions exist:
Heat check cracks cover the hard rubber surface.
The rubber cushion is separated from the metal plate of the mount
There is a split through the rubber cushion.
There is an oil leak coming from the mount.

Tighten the engine mount nuts to 80 Nm (59 ft. lbs.) .
Tighten the engine mount bracket bolts to 50 Nm (37 ft. lbs.)
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