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Bumping this from the grave .. new 2005 GTO owner with 70k miles.

Car sat in the driveway overnight on Thursday night and noticed today that the drivers side had substantial dampness in both the front and rear mats/carpet and the passenger side had slight dampness. Ive owned the car about a month and aside from Thurs night it has been in the garage and not in the rain at all.

After reading this entire thread along with several others, Id like to get opinions on which area I should start with this issue .. it would seem to be with the plugs in the rocker panel first along with the hole in the rear wheelwell? Then if that doesnt work, remove the front door panel and check the vapor barrier?

Thanks for any assistance .. if anyone has any of the old photos that were in this thread please repost!
First place I'd check is the rubber weatherstripping around the door opening.

I found that in a heavy storm, water is running down the outside of the door, and OVER the weatherstripping on the doorsill. The fix is to punch some holes or cut some V's into the weatherstripping every few inches so the water drains off instead of overfilling and flooding into the car.

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Hi guys, thanks for this info. Had my 06 for almost 4 years now. Never had wet carpet except when I first got it, it had the issue of water going over the door seal when parked in the rain. Fixed by cutting a notch.

Driving back from Thanksgiving in a steady rain, the passenger side filled up with a good inch of water. I haven't seen anywhere a good picture of the culprit hole. Look at this:

It is right inside the fender lip above the rocker cover screw. It looks like it may have been patched over once and whatever was on it cracked off.

I took all the screws out of the rocker cover and made the mistake of trying to completely remove it. After breaking one clip, it looks like it should move forward to come off, but it won't go far enough to unhook. Then I discovered too late you can see the little drain plugs by merely pulling it away at the bottom.

They are right up against the bottom pinch weld and have a gap and little flap on them to let the water out. There wasn't much dirt above them; they must have been overwhelmed by all the water coming off the tire.

Now if I can just get the cover back on without being able to get it the rest of the way off, and get the airbag light reset which is also giving me trouble. Oh and being able to get the seat out without breaking its covers would be nice too.
321 - 324 of 324 Posts