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...I know at least a few of you are going to start turning wrenches in anticipation of spring. :secret:

We have a tech articles section of the RMGTO site that's just begging for content. If you're going to install/remove/modify anything, please let me know and I'll be there with camera and notepad in hand. Even something as mundane as an oil change (though I think I'll get that taken care of myself in a month or so).

Or, if you want to submit your own tech article, please feel free to do so. Make your pics as high-res as you need, and your article can be in any format from .txt to .html (please make sure you're using a Microsoft product, though; I'm ill-equipped at this time to handle .wpd or *nix-based files). Email me your zipped files, and we'll get it posted.

Thanks, guys. Looking forward to the new season already.
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