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Jan Motor Trend has review of the 35 cars in the running for the Car of Year (Prius won case you din't see earlier). Decent comparison and seems they at least looked at the GTO seriously. Was not the fastest but top 3-4 pretty much all categories. Comments: Hot: "Just freaking everything! 350 horses... and it Handles" Not: Does it look too much like a big cavalier?" Bottom line: "America's original midsize musclecar is well and truly reborn." Great interior quality. (ie- too plain and stealth, not enough exterior excitement)

The C6: Not quite caught up with the engine info posted here about the LS2 but close. 6 liter LS1. 3 valve engine coming and maybe 6.6 liter with close to 500hp to compete with the viper and GT40 (also reviewed in same issue)

Line I liked best :.... (design)" team have worked hard to inject some interesting surface detail into the Corvette, without it becoming overdone or in ANY WAY REACHING FOR A RETRO LOOK."
(emphasis mine) Good enough for the C6 but not the resurected GTO. All those folks who wanted the 1953 Vette back will be sorely disappointed.:D
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