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Jason @ Sewell - HELP!

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Jason @ Sewell,

We now have MSRP, now I'd like dealer invoice. Please share. GMS is usually $1,000 below dealer invoice. If you can't, it'll be on KBB soon. I just can't wait.


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Can't answer or don't know?:confused:
No I don't have an answer for you. I will not know that until we get invoiced for the car which usually happens when the car gets to us. I will have an answer when I get a GTO. By the way why do want to know invoice price?
It's a good gauge for where GMS will be. My guess is a 10% profit margin, same as a GTP.
Z06J said:
By the way why do want to know invoice price?

Because that is what GTO's that have been languishing on lots with $5K-$10K "Market Adjustment" decals on them will be selling for in June.
Much like Cobra's are now.

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