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Has stiffer springs
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I haven't seem many people do this so....

I have the GMM ripshifter/street. I tried a Lou's short shifter on it and the amount of transmission
noise was utterly amazing - all sorts of grinding, whooshing and crunching. Even with the knob removed.
I drove it half a mile then removed it and sold it. I'm not sure I liked the bend in it either, although I was
of course unused to it.

Here's the stock shifter on the GMM unit:

JHP versus stock:

Install is trivial. I needed to open the upper mounting hole a little.

(I have a double thickness of dynamat under there. It helps somewhat)


Driving impressions (a very short and slow drive - my suspension is presently fried): just like the stock
shifter, only shorter :) There is no additional noise at all. The bushing makes a large difference.

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Thats a nice option for people who want the short shift and no noise. Nice comparison. I didn't realize it was bushed like the stocker until I saw this.

This may even be an option for those with the GMM Street who want less noise.

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