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Greetings From GM Parts House,

We stock quite a few LS7 clutches at GM Parts House. We have all of the other trimmings that go with it, such as the flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, slave cylinders, etc. We keep these on an internal shipping priority as well and most leave the shop within 24 - 48 hours.

To order, give us a call @ 484-949-2099 or go to and use the part numbers below and you can select Chevrolet make. Please note GM has dropped the price of the GTO slave cylinder by $75!

Thanks. Gene.

||--Genuine GM GTO LS7 Clutch Kit--||

12571611 – LS7 Flywheel
24255748 – LS7 Clutch (Includes Clutch Disc & Pressure Plate)

Both LS7 Clutch and LS7 flywheel are $459.99

For both clutch and flywheel on our website, use part number ls7clutchkit and select Chevrolet make.

92067762 - GTO Slave Cylinder – $161.00
14061685 – Pilot Bearing – $13.17

*Clutch does work in any LS1/LS2 drive train but must also have ls7 flywheel.

We now also provide a clutch alignment tool with the kit and the kit from GM does not come with this so we have added it for your convenience!
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