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Hello all. I just purchased a Torrid Red 2004 6 Speed GTO. I've been a Pontiac guy my whole life. I've owned two 79 Trans Ams, 1 I put a 70 Ram Air 3 in, a 65 Lemans, 86 6000STE, 89 Bonneville and I still have a 68 Firebird 400. I've wanted one of these since they came out and decided it was finally time.

It's in really good shape even with the 124k miles on it. I haven't dug into it much but it does have a Flowmaster exhaust, a cold air intake and some MSD plug wires and I assume coils. Most of the work seems to have been done on the suspension. It has 19" wheels and appears to be lowered a little.

Anyway, I love it!!

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