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Just test drove my GTO

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There is still some confusion in the GM system with invoices. From what I am told they will have it fixed by Monday. Until then my car is going to stay hidden in the back and hopefully get lojack installed while I wait. Took my car out for a 17 miles test drive and the best way I can discribe it is total quality. It reminded me of drives I've taken in BMW's and Volvo's except with a much more explosive engine. The power is fantastic, the handling is great and the ride is smooth and quiet. Everything about the car says superior manufacturing. This car was done right. I cannot wait until I can bring it home and park it in my garage. It was hard to leave it at the dealer but they had no choice due to the invoice issue. The dealer is as frustrated as I am. Bottom line, this is a quality car that is a steal at the price. We will all be enjoying our cars for many years to come. Attached is another picture prior to detailing. They will not detail until right before I drive it off the lot.
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Did you get any pictures of the trunk....The only thing I'm really worried about is how truly small it is. I'm hoping it won't be that bad but I'm a little nervous. Your car looks AWESOME by the way. (Same color as mine) Can you see the metalic in the black? Interior pics would be great, I took the black leather interior and would like to compare.
WOW, It looks great! Mine is Black too. It is supposed to be in next week. Please post more pics if you have any.:D
Awesome, awesome, awesome~~~

I'm keeping this posted on our local MFBA board.
I believe the stiching was red but I did not take any good interior pics, soory. Maybe tomorrow I will go by and get a couple. If I had to play critic I would make 2 minor points. The trunk is small. I am not a golfer but I think getting a golf bag in would be a challenge. Also the view using the rear view mirror will take some getting used to. The back bucket seats come up high and the spoiler comes up from there so you have a smaller viewing area than I am used to. Not a problem, just will take some getting used to. I am 6'4" and the drivers seat had plenty of room. I sat in the back seat and they are the most comfortable back seats I have ever sat in. The leg room is not great in the back but it will work unless the driver is very tall as well as the passenger in the back.
I only have a couple other pictures but I will post them. I forgot I did have one decent interior picture.
Last pic for today.

Last pic for today. Sorry about the glare. In SoCal we get alot of that sun thing even in the winter.
MFBA board????

Just curious, what is an MFBA board? I know this is most likey a silly question.
Looks like it should! Mine is Black with an automatic also. How does it shift?:slap:
Maghut, thanks for posting the pictures and your driving impressions! I am so jealous!

Is the exhaust sound as good as the sound clips we've heard?
Exhaust sounds great

The exhaust sounded great, as good as the sound bites on the internet. I did not listen much to the sound system but Back in Black by AC/DC sounded awesome. Shifting was very smooth, even with rapid excelleration you barely feel it. One thing that needs to be figured out is on the info panel I kept getting an O'speed (or something like that) visual indication with an addible alarm. I was able to change it and move it up but I am not sure what it is. I think tomorrow I will go and get my owners manual so I can read up on it. I think it might have something to do with overdrive but I am not sure and that might sound stupid to someone who knows.
Yes, I think that is a great idea. If you can't get your GTO, you may as well get the Owner's Manual and read all about it.
At least they let you take the manual home with you, Thats more than we all have. LOL:D
Don't have to manual yet, hopefully tomorrow if I cannot have the whole car. BTW the ignition key is definitely cool. All in one keyless remote and key. It is a little big but much better than have a key and a remote control device. This is a great car and they have done an incredible amount of things right. Hopefully all these lessons are learned and carried into the new Bonneville and the rest of Pontiac line. If every Pontiac in the future is made with this quality, the value will skyrocket and Pontiac will be the top company in the Big 3 and superior to Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc...........
Re: MFBA board????

maghut said:
Just curious, what is an MFBA board? I know this is most likey a silly question.
Local group I'm in known as the Midwest F-Body Association.
Re: Exhaust sounds great

maghut said:
I kept getting an O'speed (or something like that) visual indication with an addible alarm.
ah yes, the o-shit speed alarm ....

means slow down ;) or means to make a mental note to figure out how to turn that off first

Iam not sure about this but I thought I read some where that it had a alarm system that you could set at different speeds and if you went over that speed it went off letting you know that you are going to fast. They had this in cars a lot years ago.
Most likely was that and it was set at 45 from the factory. I know you can raise it up atleast to 65, I am sure higher. I guess once you are used to it, it might serve a purpose since the GTO feels like it is standing still at 45 MPH, it is smooth and quiet.
I think I'll just set it at 200mph and not worry about it.......:D
That should do the trick.
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