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I did a bad, bad thing
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Found this on the SRT Forums. Not posting this to start preaching like I did before or anything, just to maybe keep some of you guys' feet on the ground.

What happened is is that I that I nearly killed my brother. The car looks like a giant took it and flipped it like coin. Everything is ruined. There was myself and red mustang and a balck mustang and another SRT-4 along. We met at a local car meet. We went out racing. I don't remember much of the actuall accident except heading off the road thinking "CRAP". Then all I remember is getting tumbeled around something serious, and I remember feeling a heavy pressure on my head and neck. I remember thinking I should duck my head down futher. I remember my brother screaming
"Are you alright?! Derek are you alright?!"
The first thing to go through my my mind after coming to a rest was
"Son of a bitch!" then "Get out NOW!"
So I unbuckeled my seat belt and remember feeling the weight of my body slumping up against the roof of the car. I crawled out of the passender side window. I didn't realize it but all the windows were shattered. I remember that the car was still running when I stood up next to it. I heard it stall out as I walked away. The people we were with were on the road, and for the first time I saw the mustang I was racing had also left the road and flipped upside down. I remember feeling terrified for my brother, if I had hurt him what would I do? Could I ever face my parents? Could I ever forgive myself? Then I thought about the loss of my car. I had a remote feeling that if not for my brother being in the car with me that it would have been just as well I didn't make it out. The girlfriend of one of the people I was with was crying, I asked if she was okay. She nodded faintly, tears rolling down her cheek.
"you're bleeding." she said, sniffeling.
I looked at my arm, there was blood all over it, dripping to the pavement. Blood was also running down the side of my head. The two other drivers that were not involved in the accident were on the road talking. I saw the other guy that had flipped his mustang as well. I then saw my brother. They were all standing, talking, getting our stories straight. My brother came over to me first, followed by the others. I remember my brother patting me on the shoulder, he may have said somthing to me but I don't remember.
The other two drivers, one from the other SRT-4 and the other black mustang came over to me. I saw the red mustang driver milling around on the road. They told me what they were going to tell the cops. I only half listened. I was in shock. I became aware of an intense pain in my neck. I think I remember the black mustang taking of in a hurry though I'm not sure. I know the SRT-4 driver hung around. I don't know who called but, the cops, ambulances and firemen all arrived soon after and at the same time. A female medic was first to talk to me. I really don't remember much of the conversation but she had someone stand behind me and hold my neck still.
After a bit more people came to help. I was lowered onto one of those plastic boards (We call them butcher boards in the Army) This caused a lot of pain in my neck. I roared out loudly. There was this fireman holding my head still when I was laid down. He mentioned that he was an Army soldier as well. He said that he was so sorry that this happened to me. I remarked to no one in paticular that they probably saw too much of this sort of thing, several people nodded or voiced their agreement.
The lady medic, in response to my repeated inquiries as to my brother's condition, said that he looked fine and that we would be in the same ambulance. I remember calling out to him on the ride to the hospital over and over:
"Scott, are you okay, are you okay? Scott, Scott I'm so sorry."
"Dude I'm alright, I'm okay, it going to be okay"
The female medic kept saying that my brother was fine, he had only a few cuts and bruises.
"You're lying." I murmered.
"Son I am NOT bull****ing you! He is okay" she replied then she laughed a little laugh and smiled.
"Guy, you have been very lucky, the two of you are going to be okay I swear."
I wont go into what happened at the hospital, I was there for a until five in the morning. I'll just say that they cleanerd me up. My mother showed up, and my brother was eventually alwowed to sit with us. I had a lot on my mind and I got very emotional. I thought of alot of dark things before I was drugged with some kind of narcotic ****tail. I drifted off into an incoherent state, alternately giggling and crying, my mother later told me.
Long story short: After many tests and several different doctors over two days I have a fracture in my 7th cervical spine and my retina is swelling from truma to my left eye causing blindness on that side. I'm told that I have a good chance of having a complete recovery, though I may need surgery on my neck. I am in constant pain now.
So there it is, in an instant, as a result of a bad decsision and poor judgement, my life and the life of my family has been turned upsidedown.
I can't belive that I almost killed my brother. I have not seen what is left of the car but my my mothers second husband Mark went to see it. He cannot belive that anyone could have survived looking at the car which is twisted beyond recognition, the hood smashed down to the level of the dash.
I have been so very lucky lately, I have survived two car wrecks now and a bout with cancer. I can no longer deny the existence of God, nor the fact that He has saved my ass three times now. But the lessons are getting harsher.
I'm done with fast cars, done with racing. I've been a fool. It is time for me to stop acting like a child. Before I kill myself or someone else.

Now I didn't post any of this before for three reasons that I will adress now:
1 Yes I know I am a dumbass, moron, imbecile, asshat, ****tard or whatever else some may come up with.
2 No you may not have any parts! The car belongs to the insurance company now.
3 To those (and only those) that love to point out their insurance premiums:
I do not give ONE DAMN about your ****ing insurance premiums! What do you think mine will be like now? To the rest of you yes I am sorry. Frankly I am more concerened for my brothers health.

Now comes the messeage part of my story.
We have seen many pictures, heard many stories. Many of us know of Andrew's unfortunate accident. I, like many of you, paid no mind to any of this. I didn't think it could happen to me. Once it did the first time I thought
"Ah I'll just be more carefull from now on"
So I ask you this: How many have to wreck? How many must get hurt? How many must die? Before we stop?
I learned my lesson, it is inscribed as if on a granite tablet in my brain.
"I shall not street race!"
It is my 11th commandament. The pirce of this lesson was high but could have been much, much, so much higher.
Friends, be safe, be carfull. Live, learn from my and the other's mistakes. Listien to Marin, I know his fear for us now.
I am alive, my brother is okay. I now intend to die only of old age. I* owe that little bit too my parents now, after all this they should not have to bury me.
God bless you and keep you.
Be safe out there y'all. :)

Oh my f*ck!
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Stories like this are the reason why I chose not to take up the guy that invited me street racing the other night. That and the fact that for all I know it was a sting. I think he said his name was Brian Spilner or something...

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As fun as that sounds, I will never street race, the speeding tickets just cost too much. If I wanna hurt myself I'll go skiing, matter of fact I broke my collar bone last week skiing. Less chance of others being hurt too.


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lol you aint see me ski if you think that.
no seriously a very sad storey. what can i say keep it on the track. on the road keep it safe and drive within your limits. Never push your limit on the road thats what the track is for. a safe environment to push yourself and your car. and finally ...
easier said than done im no saint i might not street race but i also push my car a little when i feel its safe to do so(usually conering not speed). Usually down a nice isolated backstreet by myself not that its any difference and just weaving with a bit of grind in the wheels.

Im curious about what actually happened. Oh well keep the racing on the track where it belongs.
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