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I’m no amateur when it comes to audio. I professionally installed for about a decade earlier on in life. What I am not (yet) is a serious audiophile but I do like my music loud and clean. I used to be mainly a bass head. As I’ve gotten older, that has faded to an extent. I have recently became more interested in getting nice clean bass out of smaller speakers and not having to had a big sub box in my trunk. Lord knows we need all the space the truck has to give. Now that I got the bass part covered with 8’s in the back deck, I’ve moved on to trying to blend that in nicely with the doors. I’ve tried a few different speakers in my door, always to be left with wanting more. I’ve never had a set of speakers that would be loud enough to where I’d be ok with just front speakers. Some people actually prefer that. I never understood why or how. Until now. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First I figured it was worth a mention that there’s a whole nother world out there with “raw drivers” instead of buying a separates kit with mid woofers, tweets and crossovers. A really good set can run you a grand or more. But really you don’t need to spend that much to get the same result. Or even better. I’ve tried the mid level punch separates, mb quart separates, and some highly revered raw drivers called silverflutes. Surprisingly they are only $35 each and are considered pretty much the budget king over there on diymobileaudio. They sounded what I thought was fantastic. Better than anything else I’ve ever owned in any vehicle….and that’s a lot because I’d swap speakers all the time. But then I came across another raw driver that a few people had mentioned me try those out. Well after searching, researching and mulling it over for months (and being afraid of wasting money on something that doesn’t sound as good as what I have already) and so I finally ordered a pair of SSA evil 6.5’s. And man. Let me tell you. It’s a night and day difference. Way more bass. They dig down much deeper. The clarity is astounding and they go way louder and stay clear. I was so blown away by these things, and only like $130 a pair….I just felt like I should share. I’m going to order a pair for the rear panels now. Honestly they put our way more bass than I expected. And to think, these supposedly just scratch the surface of other (way more expensive) things out there that might even be better. My doors have never been near this loud. Only think I hate about them is the mounting “slots”. I hate hate hate that about them.
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You know a lot...

I suppose thats why youre using washers and allen head bolts instead of panhead screws on that "professional" looking install :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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